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eTax Forms are Now Available

You can now access your Tax Forms online! Simply sign in to Online Banking, click on the designated account, click on Online statements, then click on eTaxes. You will also receive paper tax forms by mail. If you are not signed up for eStatements, click here to enroll.

Are You Traveling?

Please let us know your travel dates and destination prior to your departure.  We will place a "travel note" in your records so that you can use your VISA debit and credit cards without triggering a potential fraud alert service interruption. Notify us at 303-321-4209 or at any branch.

EMV Card Chip Technology Coming Soon

We will soon be converting to EMV chip technology, adding an extra layer of security to your debit and credit card purchases. In the meantime, you can continue to use your current Westerra cards. As always, your Westerra cards are protected against fraudulent activity so you are never liable for unauthorized charges on your account. Watch for more information about EMV chip technology coming soon!

Please Update Your Contact Information

Please update your contact information now so that we can contact you quickly in the event of a merchant data breach or suspected fraudulent activity. Simply log in to Online Banking and click on the Settings link. Under Profile, you can select the options to update your mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number.

Sally Beauty Supply Reported Breach

Westerra Credit Union is aware of the Sally Beauty Supply card data breach which took place between March 6, 2015 and April 17, 2015.  You will be contacted if your account was affected by this breach. Please be sure to closely monitor transactions on your account and be suspicious of phone calls, emails and text messages requesting your personal information. Westerra Credit Union will never contact you requesting this information.

Natural Grocers and Vitamin Cottage Reported Breach

Westerra Credit Union is aware of the Natural Grocers and Vitamin Cottage credit card data breach which took place December 2014 through February 2015.  You will be contacted If your account was affected by this breach. Please be sure to closely monitor transactions on your account and be suspicious of phone calls, emails and text messages requesting your personal information. Westerra Credit Union will never contact you requesting this information.

Holiday 1,000,000 Reward Points Drawing Winner

Carole S. has won the 1,000,000 reward points.  Congrats Carole!  The winners of the 100,000 and 5,280 points drawings have been contacted.

Teen Checking MacBook Air Drawing Winner

Riley A. has won the MacBook Air.  Congrats Riley!

Home Depot Data Breach

As a proactive step to protect our members from potential fraud related to the Home Depot data breach, all members who used their Westerra debit card or credit card at a Home Depot store between April 1 and September 7, received reissued cards in September. While this breach was not caused by Westerra, it is important to us to be proactive in protecting member accounts from Home Depot's data breach:

  • Review your transaction history - Please review your transaction history to see if any unauthorized transactions may have been made on your account. If you find any unauthorized activity, please contact us immediately at 303 321-4209 or 1-800-858-7212.
  • As a precautionary measure, all cards used at Home Depot stores during this time frame were reissued in September.  Members who used their cards at Home Depot during this time period received a new Westerra plastic card with a new card number. If you received a new card, please activate it immediately, as existing cards were deactivated September 30, 2014
  • If you have automatic payments coming from your former card number, be sure to provide those companies your new card number to ensure your payments continue.
  • Cards can be reissued at any branch in the design of your choice - If you had one of our new Colorado design cards, or a high school debit card issued as part of our school fundraising program, simply bring your new card to any Westerra branch to have it reissued in the design of your choice.

If you have already cancelled your card and had it reissued at a branch or by phone, please continue using your new card. There is no need for the card to be reissued again.

Westerra has fraud prevention security procedures in place on an ongoing basis to identify transactions that appear outside of your normal activity. These security procedures are at an elevated status due to the Home Depot store data breach. If any suspicious activity is detected, blocks are placed immediately on the card. We then will contact you to determine if the charges are yours. You may also want to set Alerts in Online Banking to let you know if transactions over a certain amount take place on your account or if your account reaches a certain high or low balance. Monitoring your accounts regularly is a good practice to help avert potential fraud.

Please be assured that you are not responsible for fraudulent transactions on your card. We regret the inconvenience that Home Depot's data breach has caused you. If you have any questions, please call us at 303-321-4209 or 1-800-858-7212.

Marijuana-Related Accounts Prohibited

Due to state and federal regulations governing financial institutions, Westerra Credit Union does not open accounts that are associated with the marijuana industry or marijuana-related businesses.  If we discover an associated account, we will contact you immediately and close the account.  If you have an existing Westerra account that is associated with the marijuana industry or marijuana-related businesses, you are required to notify us immediately to begin the process to close the account.  If you have questions, please contact us at 303-321-4209.

Microsoft Windows XP Support Ending April 8, 2014

After April 8, 2014, Microsoft is no longer supporting its Windows XP operating system. As a result, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available through Microsoft, including automatic updates that help protect your PC.

Microsoft has several resources you can review to learn more:

You can also speak with a Microsoft expert by calling 877-696-7786. 

Portable Housing Subsidies Available for Qualifying DPS Retirees and their Immediate Family Members

Portable housing subsidies are now available to qualifying low-income DPS retirees and their immediate families.  Application criteria and forms can be found at this link: Contact Rosanne Sterne, Managing Consultant, DESCI Fund, The Denver Foundation, 303-300-1790 x126 for further information. 

Welcome SMW #9 Members!

We welcome our new members from SMW #9 Federal Credit Union!  You now have access to a variety of new products and services as a result of the merger. Please take some time to read about new products, services and changes.

The membership of SMW #9 Federal Credit Union – the credit union serving the Sheet Metal Workers Union – voted by an overwhelming margin of 97% on August 26, 2013, to merge with Westerra Credit Union. The merger agreement was unanimously approved by both Boards of Directors. SMW #9 members now have additional branches and expanded services. Westerra members gained enhanced branch convenience. SMW #9’s one branch is located in Denver at 1725 West Mississippi Ave. between Santa Fe Dr. and Federal Blvd. This branch is now available to all Westerra members. 

Don't Let Congress Tax Our Credit Unions

Colorado's credit unions deserve to keep their non-profit status 
The Denver Post featured an article by C. Alan Peppers, President/CEO of Westerra Credit Union. Read the article

  • In late February 2014, the House Ways & Means Committee released its first draft of tax reform legislation – without a mention of taxing credit unions.  
  • It had been reported last spring that Congress was considering removing all exemptions—including the credit union tax exemption—in rewriting the tax code, despite the fact credit unions are not-for-profit and have been tax-exempt since our inception in the early 1900s.
  • Credit unions immediately launched the Don’t Tax My Credit Union campaign which generated 1.3 million contacts to legislators from credit union members.
  • The campaign helped convey the message that any tax on credit unions is really a tax on its members since credit unions are cooperatively owned by the people they serve. Loss of the tax exemption would mean higher loan rates, lower dividends and more fees.

Please continue to monitor this issue at as big banks and their lobbyists continue to try to eliminate credit unions as their competition.  We have won this round; but, the fight continues. 

Fraud Alerts

Please note that Westerra Credit Union will never ask you to verify your personal information by email, through a web link, with a text message or by phone unless you initiate the contact. Be cautious to never download virus scans from websites or pop-ups, as these may be fraudulent attempts to gain financial information. If you receive a request of this type, or believe you have responded to a fraudulent attempt, please contact us immediately at 303-321-4209 to report the incident.  Read more about potential scams.

Why More Consumers Are Choosing Credit Unions

Consumer Advocates Urge Americans to Become Socially Responsible and Use Local Credit Unions
Westerra’s Move Your Money campaign featured in The Huffington Post

Credit Unions Begin to Promote Their Strengths
The New York Times says “Now might seem a perfect moment for credit unions to shout from the rooftops about what makes them different from for-profit banks..."    

The Little Banks That Can
AARP Magazine notes what members like most about credit unions is their service. 

A Better Kind of Corporation
The article predicts the recession will lead to social responsibility. 

The Huffington Post Encourages Consumers to Bank Local

Your Money is Safe
Learn how The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund protects your deposits.

Tips for Smart Money Management

How to Manage Your Credit Score
Click here for information on credit scores, and how to manage and improve your own score.

How to Use Your Checking Account 
Tips on using your debit card, ATMs and online banking--a guide for managing your first account.

Westerra Grant to Pomona High School Featured on KATV

KATV Channel 8, Arvada Community Television, featured a segment about the Westerra School Grant awarded to Pomona High School. 
Click here to view the Pomona High School Grant Video

Westerra awarded grants to 58 schools for over $32,000 to assist with items such as art and music supplies, sports fees and equipment, books and after school programs for the 2013-2014 school year in Jeffco Schools, DPS and the Douglas County School District.  Learn more

US Bank Initiates ATM Fees

US Bank has informed us that they will no longer offer credit union members surcharge-free access to their ATMs in Colorado and Wyoming.  Access your Westerra accounts surcharge-free through any CO-OP Network ATM. 
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