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Mortgage Loan Officer Charmaine Booth.

Charmaine Booth

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NMLS 293073

What membersare saying...

"Charmaine was very helpful and explained and answered questions during our recent home refinance. She made it easy to receive the necessary documents, and everything was done online with a computer, or by phone. We appreciated that there were options since we are older and not having to go to a location to process everything was great." - Edward S.

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Meet Charmaine:

"My career in mortgage lending started very unintentionally. In 1984, I had just lost my job and when our loan officer asked how we liked our new home, our response was, 'If Charmaine doesn’t get a job soon, you can have it back.' She basically hired me on the spot and I started that week. My first position as a receptionist quickly morphed into processing. I started on the sales side when my daughter was born in 1989. I’ve worked as a loan officer since then, with some time combining sales with management. In 2001, I opened a Countrywide Home Loans office in Basalt, Colorado followed by opening two more: One in Aspen and another in Glenwood Springs. Our focus was mostly on the working families, with a few jumbo loans sprinkled in. I can’t begin to count the number of loans that I’ve helped bring to a happy conclusion, but I do know that there is no loan more important than the one I’m currently working on."

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