Spring 2021 Grant Recipients

Westerra has awarded 47 grants for the unique Spring 2021 school year, for extremely valuable and worthwhile causes. Thank you for your entries. Our next submission period will be in Fall 2021. We are honored to support our schools in helping students work toward academic and personal success. The following schools received grants from Westerra Credit Union:

Denver Public Schools

  • Asbury Elementary - New charging cords and cables for technology equipment
  • Bryant Webster Dual Language School - New Social-Emotional Learning resources
  • CMS Community School - Build a studio space where young artists can begin to explore and develop their creativity
  • Denver Green School - Sealable compost bins for classrooms to learn the science behind composting
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College Middle School - Purchase robotics equipment and pay robotics tournament fees
  • Ellis Elementary School - Resources to accelerate reading intervention K-3 students 
  • Goldrick Elementary - Create Art on the Go tubs for Kindergartens to have the same resources at school, and remote
  • Isabella Bird Community School - Books and tools to support emotional regulation
  • Kaiser Elementary - Virtual learning activity materials
  • Marie L. Greenwood - Equipment for middle school sports
  • McKinley-Thatcher Elementary School - Purchase a multi-grade phonic awareness curriculum and decodable books
  • Morey Middle School - Art supplies for a clay/ceramics program
  • Northeast Early College - Create a school garden with multiple department uses in soil improvement, food production and engineering
  • Northfield High School - Build out the visual arts department with DSLR cameras 
  • Skinner Middle School - Build ADA accessible raised garden beds and purchase a scale to record the weight of all items from the garden that are donated to the local food bank
  • Slater Elementary School - Purchase gardening equipment for our community garden  
  • Stedman Elementary School - Purchase technology adapters and cords
  • Odyssey School of Denver - Build a sustainable garden to promote pollinator health and to provide healthy food to families in need
  • Thomas Jefferson High School - Funds will be used to reinvigorate the garden to support summer job skill development programming 

Douglas County Schools

  • Arrowwood Elementary - Supplies for our vegetable learning garden and pumpkin patch
  • Clear Sky Elementary - Recess equipment
  • Flagstone Elementary School - Fix broken instruments, provide new music and curriculum
  • Franktown Elementary - Create literacy packs to support early and struggling learners 
  • Heritage Elementary - Create legacy tiles for 6th grade art to be permanently displayed at the school
  • Pine Lane Elementary - Supplies needed for Why Try, a social-emotional learning curriculum
  • Renaissance Expeditionary Magnet School - Supplies to support the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and PE programs 
  • Rock Ridge Elementary - Consumable student workbooks that go with the Language! Intervention curriculum 4th Edition
  • Sage Canyon Elementary - Supplies to enrich the art program 

Jeffco Schools

  • Arvada High School - Update school library to include music that is more representative of diverse artists
  • Carmody Middle School - Start Book Clubs centered around bridging the diversity gap
  • Chatfield Senior High - Develop restaurant skills for special needs students
  • Elk Creek Elementary - Headsets for students
  • Everitt Middle School - Crime scene kits to allow students to go through the process of many crime investigation techniques 
  • Foster Dual Language PK-8 - Start a student broadcasting platform to highlight school events 
  • Fremont Elementary School - Create a Makerspace/STEM Lab in our school library
  • Governor's Ranch Elementary - Purchase items for Breakout Boxes to enhance STEM learning
  • Jefferson County Open School - Add a more diverse selection of books to update our classroom libraries 
  • Jefferson Jr./Sr. High School - Attendance incentives
  • Kendallvue Elementary - Art supplies to support all grades
  • Molholm Elementary School - Purchase the BrainBall System for the physical education department
  • Parmalee Elementary - School garden/outdoor learning lab
  • Ryan Elementary - Purchase diversity and inclusion books for our school library
  • Shelton Elementary School - Create STEM kits to make science curriculum connections through literature 
  • Thomson Elementary - Magnetic phonics tiles will provide explicit support with spelling instruction for all students
  • Summit Ridge Middle School - Learning Breaks activity kits
  • The Summit Academy South - Build a seed-to-table program
  • Warder Elementary School - Decodable texts for independent and small group reading


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