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My bride Sherry and I moved into our first home on South Steele Street here in Denver in the late fifties. Sherry was teaching at Wash Park then, and a member of Denver Public Schools Credit Union on Pearl Street. I borrowed $400 from my GI life insurance, and Sherry applied for a first mortgage at DPSCU. We moved in on a Saturday morning with lots of help from friends and family. I think we paid about $90 a month. I recall that Sherry was making about $330 per month teaching, and I was bringing in a whopping $700 as a purchasing agent. We were thrilled. We were the first of our families to become "HOMEOWNERS!" Thank goodness for the Credit Union. A few years later I changed career goals, returned to DU for Education Credentials, and got a teaching position at Alameda Elementary School west of Broadway, just one block north of Alameda Avenue. I retired from DPS thirty-three years later. Through the years we called on DPSCU for frequent financial help. In about 1962 Sherry and I moved up into our beautiful home on East Cornell Avenue where we raised our new baby girl Amy, and our two Brittany Spaniels "Peiper" and "Benji." I remember saying to Sherry, "Just imagine, the Credit Union let us borrow $23,000 for this beautiful home!" We thrived there for more than thirty years. During the years, we called on the Credit Union for numerous financial needs as well as first mortgages on several rental houses. Each one produced a modest net cash flow. Sherry had resigned from her 3rd grade teaching position at Wash Park to become a stay-at-home full time mother. Each time there was a vacancy in one of the rentals, Sherry, Amy and I would pitch in to refresh and repaint for the next tenant. Our lives were enhanced as a result of the healthy relationships with DPS Credit Union staff. Currently my residence is financed through Westerra Credit Union.

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I have always felt special as a Credit Union member. Many of the loan officers were known to me by their first names. Even when DPSCU went "big time" becoming Westerra, we still have enjoyed a mutual feeling of loyalty, a union between financial service and member-customer.