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Balance-transfer card: a tool for overcoming holiday debt

Consolidating your holiday spending has been made easy with our Westerra Credit Union Visa Signature or Visa Select credit cards with low introductory interest rate upon approval.

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Mortgage Documentation Checklist

Before you apply for a mortgage or pre-approval, you’ll need to round up a few documents. We’ve compiled a documentation checklist to make it easy, so nothing gets forgotten.

Your Resources as a First-Time Homebuyer

Buying your first home is a big deal, but you’re not alone. We’ve assembled a few must-have resources here, so you can go from pre-approval to move-in day with total confidence.

Get down with the down payment

Most folks hear the words “down payment” and assume they need 20% cash to buy a home. While that comes in handy, you’ve got a lot of choices to make in your down payment.

Credit scores

What exactly are they, and why do they matter so much?

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