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Checking Accounts With Rewards

Choose a Westerra checking account and save $261 every year

Why Choose This Option?

No monthly fees and no minimum balance - plus e-services and discounts.

No monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements. Returns higher interest for higher balances - plus other special privileges.
Checks FREE First Box FREE FREE
Minimum Balance No minimum No minimum $10,000
Monthly Fee -0- -0- -0-
Unlimited Free CO-OP Network ATMs FREE FREE FREE
ATMs Outside the
CO-OP Network
(Other ATM owner may charge fee.)
(Other ATM owner may charge fee.)
(Other ATM owner may charge fee.)
Visa Debit Card With Rewards FREE FREE FREE
eStatements FREE (Required) FREE FREE
Online Banking FREE FREE FREE
Member Check-Up With Annual Credit Report Review FREE   FREE
Mortgage Review FREE FREE FREE
Mortgage and Home Equity Loan Discounts Yes   Yes
Auto Loan Discount* .50% discount   .75% discount
Safe Deposit Box Rebate     Yes
Money Orders or Cashiers Checks     FREE
Line of Credit With Approved Credit* Yes Yes Yes
Overdraft Protection With Approved Credit* Yes Yes Yes
Direct Deposit FREE (Required) FREE FREE
Interest     Yes based on balance.
Additional Interest     Earn 5 basis points higher on Preferred Money Market Account rates

                                                                                                                                                                                                       *Subject to application and approval.

No Debit Card Overdraft Fees

Westerra Credit Union has built a reputation as the Low Fee Leader among Colorado financial institutions. To help you manage your money--without fees-- all Westerra Credit Union checking accounts are set up so that If there are not funds in your checking account (or line of credit) to cover a debit card or ATM transaction, the transaction will simply be denied. You will not have to worry about paying any fees. You can then choose to use another payment option. In 2010, new federal regulations stated financial institutions could no longer charge a fee, without your consent, if you overdraw your checking account using a debit card or an ATM.

Most other financial institutions ask their customers to sign up for, or “opt-in” to, checking overdraft programs—they are asking customers permission to charge them a fee. At Westerra Credit Union, our approach is to help members better manage their checking accounts by not offering an “opt-in” program, not charging a fee and helping save some members a significant amount of money. This saved our members $3 million last year compared to Colorado banking institutions!  It can also help members earn a better credit score.  Compare Westerra Credit Union checking with bank checking accounts.

1000 Free ATMs in Colorado

Westerra provides surcharge-free ATM access through the CO-OP Network with 1000 free ATMs in Colorado, and 30,000 nationwide, including 5,500 at 7-Eleven locations throughout the US and Canada.  You’ll also find CO-OP Network ATMs at Denver International Airport. 
Click here to find free ATM Locations.

200 Colorado Service Centers

Credit unions believe more can be accomplished by working together.  Through CO-OP Shared Branches, credit unions throughout Colorado, and across the US, make their branches available to members of other participating credit unions.  This means that you can find convenient access to your Westerra accounts at more than 200 shared locations in Colorado and 5000 nationwide. Click here to find CO-OP Shared Branch Locations.

Switch Your Checking Account

Looking for nonprofit bank accounts in Colorado? Westerra is a local member-owned financial cooperative with a variety of checking options.  We have streamlined the process to help you switch your account from another financial institution. Learn more.

Choose Your New Debit Card Design!

Now you can choose from our new gallery of FREE VISA® debit card designs--including the Colorado flag VISA® debit card--with any Westerra checking account!  It's easy--if you already have a Westerra debit card, simply stop by any Westerra branch location with your existing debit card and your new debit card can be issued instantly in the new design of your choice!

Earn Rewards with Free Checking -
Get Cash Back, Gift Cards, Travel and Merchandise 

Earn 1 reward point for every $3.00 you spend on Debit Card purchases you sign for.  Visit the Westerra Rewards website and register to access your rewards account online by using your name as it appears on your account and the last 6 digits of either your Westerra VISA debit card, Platinum card or Signature Card.  You can also find the link in Online Banking.  Rewards points will automatically be combined in your rewards account for your Westerra cards based upon your primary account information.

Online Banking and Bill Pay

Online Banking and Bill pay is free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Verify deposits and withdrawals, view account activity, print eStatements, transfer funds between your Westerra Credit Union accounts, make Westerra Credit Union loan payments, view and print cleared checks from your account, check balances and more. Learn more.

Phone Banking

Phone Banking is a FREE, easy-to-use way to get account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is a telephone, your account number and your personal identification number. You then have access to your balances; you can transfer funds between your accounts, pay a loan, find out when a particular check cleared, and much more. Click here for a Phone Banking Guide.

Overdraft Protection

Use a personal line of credit as overdraft protection on your checking account or as a means of quick and easy access to funds. You may also use a Share Savings or a Money Market account to cover any potential overdrafts. Apply for a line of credit.

Direct Deposit

Have your paycheck automatically deposited into your account each payday - no need to make a trip to the credit union. Direct deposit is also a great way to protect yourself from lost or stolen paychecks. Our routing number is 302075319. 

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is the regular and automatic deduction of funds from your paycheck to apply to specific credit union accounts. You simply determine the amount and distribution of the deduction to your Savings, Loans, IRAs, and/or your Holiday Club account. 

Automatic Payment

Automatic payments are an electronic payment alternative to paper checks. When you use Automatic Payment, you authorize a company to electronically collect a preauthorized amount from your checking or savings account to pay a bill. Our routing number is 302075319.

Switch Your Checking Account

Looking for nonprofit bank accounts in Colorado? Westerra is a local member-owned financial cooperative with a variety of checking options.  We have streamlined the process to help you switch your account from another financial institution. Learn more.

How To Determine Your Full 13-Digit Account Number

For Use in Changing or Setting Up Automated Transactions and for Check Printing Additional digits are required for checks and for automated transactions, such as payroll deposits and loan payments. Place your base 8-digit account number in the designated section. The digits 100 are added to the left of the base account number, as shown below. Two digits are also added to the right of the base account number to designate the specific account you would like funds to be moved to or from.

1 0 0 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __  __ __                       
                        Base 8-Digit Number           
Account ID

Account IDs
Prime Share/Savings Account = 00
Checking Account = 03,08,09,10,80 (Examples)
Money Market Account = 10,16 (Examples)

The full 13 digit account number is required for checks and automated transactions along with the Westerra Routing & Transit Number. 

The Westerra Credit Union Routing and Transit (R&T) number is 302075319.