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Overdraft Protection

There are a variety of ways to prevent overdrafts if there are not sufficient funds in your checking account:

  • Set up transfers from a savings account.  Westerra's standard practice is to link your checking account to your share/savings account to automatically transfer funds as needed. If you would like to link a Money Market Account or other savings account to your checking account, please inquire at any branch or call us at 303-321-4209. Learn about transfer limits.
  • Use an overdraft line of credit for quick and easy access to funds. Fees and minimum payment are based upon the amount advanced. Inquire at any branch or call us at 303-321-4209.
  • Transfer funds from a personal line of credit as you need it. Apply online, inquire at any branch or call us at 303-321-4209.
  • Through Courtesy Pay—Once the options above have been depleted, instead of returning an item unpaid to the merchant because of insufficient funds, the credit union may pay your item, for a fee, which will save you additional charges from the merchant. As a standard practice, Westerra offers Courtesy Pay for covering checks and automated payment (ACH) transactions when funds are not available. You can choose Courtesy Pay for debit card transactions, too.
  • For Debit Card Transactions—All Westerra checking accounts are set up so that if there are not funds in your checking account (or savings or overdraft line of credit) to cover a transaction, the transaction will simply be denied without a fee. If you would like Westerra to cover these transactions, for a fee, opt-in to Courtesy Pay

 Use these tools to monitor your accounts and avoid fees:

  • Set Alerts in Online Banking to let you know if your account reaches a certain high or low balance or if transactions over a certain amount take place on your account. Online Banking is free for all members.
  • Download the free CardNav App to receive real-time notifications on your phone every time a transaction is made on your account. You can set spending limits, approved merchant locations and types of transactions—and you can turn your cards on or off instantly.
  • Use the free Westerra Mobile Banking App to quickly and easily check your balances.
  • Record all your automated transactions, bill payments, online banking transfers, checks, debit card transactions, ATM withdrawals and other payments. Ask for a check register at any branch. Be sure you are tracking your actual balance, not just your available balanceLearn more.