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Westerra Credit Union

Celebrating 80 Years

For 80 years, we have stayed true to our original mission of cooperatively helping people meet their financial needs. Many Westerra members have improved their lives by taking advantage of our low fee financial services and competitive rates.

Serving Our Schools and Our Community

It is important to us to make a difference in the lives of the individuals and families who use our credit union—and the community we share.  Serving Colorado’s three largest school districts—Denver Public Schools, Douglas County Schools and Jeffco Public Schools—Westerra is committed to furthering financial education and supporting community initiatives:


emagineIF is an interactive, web-based platform that empowers families to learn, play and grow together. Unlike anything you have ever seen, emagineIF combines education, personal financial literacy, entertainment, and responsible social networking in one place - empowering children to discover their passion in life. Learn more.

FoolProof Financial Literacy Tools

These free financial education resources help young people learn to make safe and smart financial decisions. You’ll find information for students and parents—and classroom modules for high school teachers:

Information Edge  - Consumer information on car buying, mortgage options, credit, debt and much more!
Young Adults - Articles and advice to help prevent young adults and college students from being “fooled” into poor financial decisions.
FoolProof Solo - Puts you in charge of both your money and your credit. Learn to make wise decisions based on facts.
FoolProof for Parents - Help your teenage children learn to manage a checking account and use credit responsibly. 
FoolProof for High Schools - Features online modules, self-grading tests, and support materials for nine 45-minute classroom sessions. 
Teachers can learn more about the program here

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Fundraising Program

Raise money for your school sport/activity or community organization while helping students and families learn about saving money and making smart financial choices.

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School Grant Program

The Westerra Credit Union School Grant Program strives to enhance students’ learning experiences by providing for items such as art supplies, sports fees and equipment, after school programs, workbooks or other programs your school determines most beneficial.

Denver Public Schools Grant Program Application
Douglas County Schools Grant Program Application
Jeffco Public Schools Grant Program Application

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Classroom Presentations

If you are a teacher interested in having a Westerra representative come and talk to your classroom about checking, savings, budgeting or many other topics, please contact us for more information at

Colorado Rapids Community Partnership

At Westerra, we believe more can be accomplished by working together—and our partnership with the Colorado Rapids provides many opportunities for us to make a difference through community, youth and educational initiatives, including the Colorado Rapids Academy.
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