FoolProof Financial Education Resources

The online modules feature young people, self-grading tests, and include support materials for nine 45-minute classroom sessions. Teachers can learn more about the program here.

Westerra Credit Union is pleased to offer FoolProof Financial Literacy tools to our members!  These articles, case studies and interactive modules provide unbiased, valuable information about important financial matters that affect your life.  Are you ready to take the important steps towards improving your financial know-how?  Simply select the tools that pertain to you:


Foolproof - Information Edge

Provides consumer information on an array of financial topics of interest, such as car buying, mortgage options, credit, debt and much more!

Foolproof for Young Adults

Specifically geared towards the financial issues encountered by young people and college students that provides articles with advice and case studies written to help protect you against being “fooled” into poor financial decisions.

Foolproof Solo

A comprehensive website featuring interactive modules that cover a variety of financial topics of interest to young adults.

Foolproof for Parents

An extensive program designed for parents to use with their teenage children.  Includes interactive modules that teach financial responsibility at this crucial stage in life, such as opening and managing a checking account and how to avoid debt by using a credit card responsibly.