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Your School, Your Money Fundraising Program

A Financial Awareness and Fundraising Program for school sports and activities.

Your School, Your Money is a financial awareness and fundraising program that helps school sports and activities raise money to cover unfunded expenses while helping students learn about saving money and making smart financial choices.  Take a look at how much you can earn.

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As your school district credit union, Westerra is committed to supporting activities to benefit students, parents and schools. Westerra is a not-for-profit credit union, locally-owned by all who have accounts at the credit union. Everyone in the Denver metro area can join.

Westerra is the low fee leader among Colorado financial institutions, offering a full array of products, low-fees, top-notch service, and easy access through online banking, local branches and a nationwide network of Credit Union Service Centers.  Westerra has earned the top 5-star rating for safety and soundness from Bauer Financial since 1992 and member deposits are federally insured by the NCUA.

How the Program Works

Westerra Credit Union will donate to your school sport/activity based upon the number of students, parents, family and friends who open specific accounts as a result of the fundraising email your sport/activity sends them.  Your sport/activity receives $52.80 for each student who opens a savings account. Plus, you can get $52.80 for each additional account you open - and the school activity/program gets $52.80 for each account, too!
Open more accounts to earn more for your sport/activity!
Frequently Asked Questions

Once your school sport/activity decides to participate in Westerra’s Your School, Your Money program here’s what will happen next:

  • We will personalize an email for the sport/activityClick here to view a sample e-mail.
  • We then provide the email to the person who coordinates fundraising for that sport/activity.
  • They then simply forward it to their email list of parents.
  • The sport/activity will receive $52.80 for each student who opens a savings account – and for students or parents using the other services as described in the email.  
  • Westerra will issue a check to the sport/activity at the time frame they designate.  Having an account at the credit union for the sport/activity is not required.

How $52.80 Donations are Paid – After they meet the qualifying requirements (make debit card purchases totaling more than $52.80 or make Visa credit card transactions totaling $500), they need to call the credit union at 303-321-4209 to let us know they have completed that activity, and that they want to receive their $52.80 bonus and initiate the credit union’s $52.80 donation to the team/activity.  For student savings accounts, no additional action is needed.  When the student opens their account and mentions the team/activity, the $52.80 bonus will automatically be recorded in the system for payment to the team/activity.

To Open Accounts – Parents, students, friends and family can stop by any Westerra branch, conveniently located throughout the Denver metro area. Parent/guardian must accompany child or teen (0-17 years) with valid identification to open their accounts. 
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To Get Started – Simply contact us at 303-329-4512 or  We will then customize an email for your distribution to help raise funds for your high school sport or activity.