Change is Good. Our new look is launching November 2021.

Westerra’s transformation into a modern financial community all starts with a new logo, colors, and a better website experience starting November 2. And hey, we know that change can be a little weird to get used to, especially when you've been with Westerra for a while. But we believe a little change can be good! With our digital-first approach and commitment to our community, this is just another way to make banking easier for you.

Join us for a virtual, up-close and personal tour of our new website on Tuesday, November 9 from 12:00pm–1:00pm MST. Please RSVP here.

Do you have questions? We have answers! 
See below for additional information and keep an eye on this page for updated information. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What steps did Westerra go through to come up with these new visual changes?
A: Westerra conducted an extensive process that included analyzing current market research, receiving feedback from focus groups, engaging in discussions with members and staff, and conducting member and non-member surveys prior to rolling out its new visual changes. The end result included visual elements that align with our overall transformation into becoming a modern financial community focused on a digital-first approach to banking and financial services.

Q: Do all of these changes mean Westerra is merging with another financial institution or that it’s going to change its name?
A: No. We are not merging with another financial institution and our name will remain the same. These changes are focused on Westerra’s strategy to further our digital-first approach, continuing to strengthen our commitment to our members, and remaining engaged and active in our community.

Q: Will the online banking sections change?
A: Personal and business online banking will remain the same in terms of functionality. Usernames, passwords, payees or payments schedule will also not change or be impacted. Only colors and logo will be updated for both. Members will experience a new website still located at that is easy to navigate, intuitive and features clear and concise information.

Q: Will the Westerra app change?
A: Since the Westerra logo is changing, the app icon connected to the personal Westerra banking app will change, as will the colors and logo featured in the app. However, the functionality of the app will stay the same and members’ information will remain secure. These changes may look different starting in November, but there is no firm date for when this change will occur. To see this change, members will have to update their app either through an automatic or manual update, based on user settings.

The app icon, and colors and logos featured inside the app connected to the business Westerra banking app will not change.

Q: Will there be training available for members for the new website?
A: Yes. We will be hosting a virtual “drop-in” session for members to chat with our web developers about the new website. While the website will be intuitive and easy to navigate, we know how helpful it is to have a chance to connect with a person for any questions or to receive helpful tips about the new website. This training will occur mid-November 2021. More information and an RSVP link will be posted soon!