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Our Purpose

We exist to teach one another to prosper. Plain and simple.

The Westerra humble-brag

Why us? Westerra's community is built on meaningful personal relationships. Not transactions. We're here for you with real support for your goals, your money and your financial education. That's the Westerra way.

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It's not banking, it's belonging

When you join Westerra, you're not just getting financial services — but an entire local community that comes with it. Together, we're all invested in one another's success, because when one wins, we all win. That's how it should be.

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A company rooted in education (literally)

Westerra was founded by eight school teachers in 1934. Since then, we've continued our commitment to teaching one another to prosper. Today Westerra is a modern financial community with a deep local heritage.

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Careers with Westerra

If you're a people-first kinda person, you'll fit right in here. Check out our opportunities for rewarding and impactful careers with Westerra.

Westerra's got big news to share

Fraud alert

We have been notified of fraudsters impersonating Westerra employees attempting to gain access to sensitive account information. Westerra will never request for you to provide your online account password or passcode over the phone or through text message.

Westerra Credit Union Awards Grants to 71 Local Colorado schools

Westerra is pleased to award 71 grants to local schools in the following districts: 27J, Adams 12, Aurora Public Schools, Denver Public Schools, Douglas County Schools, Englewood Public Schools, Huerfano Re-1 School District, and Jeffco School District.

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Knock, knock

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