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Services // Overdraft Protection

Kick overdraft fees to the curb

At Westerra, we provide easy tools to help you manage your money.

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Transaction declined? Opt-In to Courtesy Pay

Sign up for Courtesy Pay and add an extra layer of protection to your spending/checking account.

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Transfer from a savings account

We link your checking and savings accounts to automatically transfer funds as needed. You can link a money market or other savings accounts, too. Call or visit a branch to set up these automated transfers for overdraft protection.

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Transfer from a personal line of credit

Use a personal line of credit to automatically transfer funds as you need them. Apply online, at any branch or by calling 303-321-4209.

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Transfer from your Westerra credit card

Link your accounts to make automatic cash advances from your credit card, up to the credit limit, for a 2% cash advance fee. Complete this form to set cash advances as overdraft protection.

Check out these tools to help you manage your accounts

Set alerts in Digital Banking

Get free, automatic updates when your account reaches a high/low balance or if transactions over a certain amount hit your account.

Download the CardNav App

Get real-time alerts for every transaction made on your account. You can also set spending limits and turn your card off and on with the tap of a button.

Tap into mobile banking with the Westerra app

It’s never been so quick or so easy to check your balances and stay updated on your account activity.