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About Us

Where purpose leads the way

At Westerra, our purpose is simple: We exist to teach one another to prosper. Education has been our thing from the beginning, because (if you didn't know) Westerra was founded by schoolteachers. To this day, we believe that sharing what you know is the most important currency.

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Our mission

How we live up to our purpose is through our mission: to positively impact lives through personal attention and financial education.

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Our story (It's a good one)

When you've been around since the 1930s, you've got a lot of history and stories to tell. See how we went from eight members to more than 125,000 across the Denver metro area.

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What exactly is a credit union?

Though we are a lot like a bank, there are several ways we differ. One, there are no stockholders. That means everyone who has an account with us is a member and an owner. And two, all your deposits and funds stay local and contribute to the Colorado economy through loans to other members.

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Westerra's leaders

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Our financial strength

Visit the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) website to learn more about share insurance and how the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund protects your deposits. There you’ll also find a share insurance calculator to view coverage for your Westerra accounts.

Westerra follows strict mortgage underwriting practices, keeping our funds working locally for our members and keeping mortgage default rates extremely low. We maintain a diverse mix of investments, including auto loans, first and second mortgages, credit cards and signature loans, ensuring sound lending decisions for our members' money, and we are regulated by the Colorado Division of Financial Services and the NCUA.

Westerra Credit Union Statistics

Westerra Credit Union Statistics

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4 stars (Excellent, Recommended by Bauer)

Federally Insured by NCUA

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