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Protect yourself from identity theft and fraud

The Security Center brings you safety tips, security notices and the most current scam alerts to help protect you and your security online. Statistics show adults60 years and older are one of the main targets for scams. Learn how to protect your personal information and money by attending Westerra’s free, in-person Avoiding Scams and Fraud for Older Adults Seminar on June 27 from 3:00-5:00pm at our Cherry Creek branch.

Protect yourself from identity theft and fraud

The Security Center brings you safety tips, security notices and the most current scam alerts to help protect you and your security online.

Westerra is aware of an increase in fraudulent behavior and activity across the banking industry. Rest assured, Westerra is committed to keeping your financial accounts safe.

Westerra has a robust security monitoring in place and continues to closely follow the increasing fraud and scam environments. We also employ a multi-factor authentication (MFA) system for employees and members to validate their identity when logging into systems or when contacting us for transactional purposes. Lastly, our vendor security and control assurance reports are closely reviewed to confirm preparedness for potential threats.

However, we encourage you to keep your defenses up!

  • Be cautious of any email, text message or phone call that you are not expecting.

  • Be suspicious of "urgent calls to action" or threats in text or emails that claim you must click, call or open an attachment immediately.

  • You can verify you are speaking with Westerra by hanging up and calling Westerra back.

  • When you get an email from somebody you don’t recognize, take a moment to examine it carefully before you proceed.

  • If an email message has obvious spelling or grammatical errors, it might be a scam.

  • If you suspect that an email message is a scam, don't open any links or attachments that you see. Instead, hover your mouse over, but don't click, the link to see if the address matches the link that was typed in the message.

  • Make sure your login and password is strong and not easy to guess.

  • Westerra employees will never request that you provide your password, or sensitive account information by phone or text.

  • Never provide remote access unless you have contacted a reputable company you have verified.

IMPORTANT: If someone reaches out to you representing to be from Westerra Credit Union and asking for information such as account number, ATM/debit/credit card Personal Identification Number (PIN), digital banking username or password, date of birth or Social Security Number, DO NOT ANSWER THEM. Instead, alert us at

If YOU initiate communication, interaction or transaction with Westerra, we may ask for this type of information by phone, email or text message to assist us in confirming your identity. As always, your financial security is our top priority. We will continue to share any updates as they become available. Thank you for your diligence during this time! Receive Cybersecurity News In Your Inbox: While Westerra will continue to send alerts to members via email and featured on this page regarding fraud, scams and other cybersecurity risks, we encourage members to learn more about these topics by viewing the News & Alerts section at the top of this page. Members can also sign up to receive alerts, education and information from “Stickley on Security,” a company that provides education, awareness and solutions for cybersecurity risks, by clicking on the green “Sign up for News and Alerts” button at the top of this page.

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