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Pay your way

Flexible repayment options don’t stop at rates and loan terms — you can choose your preferred method of sending money. Find the way you want to pay below. 

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Pay through Digital Banking

Log into your Digital Banking account to set up one-time or recurring payments from your Westerra accounts to your loans.

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Wire transfers

Electronically transfer funds domestically and internationally. Wire transfers are one of the easiest ways to securely send money.

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Bill pay and peer-to-peer payments

Schedule and pay your bills with bill pay in Digital Banking. As part of the bill pay service, you can use Pay People to send money to other individuals.

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Pay my loan

Register for the online payment center to see all your Westerra loans in one place and make payments. It's easy and totally free.

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Other ways to Pay

Pay by phone, mail or at a branch. You can also set up automatic payments from another financial institution with this form.

Need help?

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