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We've got fulfilling roles and roles to fill

At Westerra, we're all about creating a sense of belonging. And we have a feeling you might belong here, too

Ever notice how Westerra starts with “we”?

Westerra isn’t just a place to bank. It’s a place to belong. We’re built around fostering connections, support and the things that make us feel cared for. You know, as human beings with hearts and minds and ballet recitals to catch.

And we acknowledge that no one knows everything at Westerra, so we collaborate and work together to learn and grow every day. That goes for our credit union vibe, too. Continuously improving a culture that everyone wants to be part of is, well, part of our culture.

Adding value to our community starts with having strong values.

We call our core values the Westerra Way to Be. In other words, these are our guiding principles that serve as the foundation for everything we do.

Be honorable

Banking isn’t about us. It’s about our members. We support members in meeting their individual needs, which means only recommending the products that make sense for them. 

Be inventive

It’s a myth that we only use 10% of our brains. And we’re out to prove it. We think on our feet, come up with new solutions and ideas, and empower our people to implement them however their big, beautiful brains see fit.

Be great

Great isn’t just an adjective. It’s a state of being. Of sweating every detail. If you ask us, going out of your way is the only way worth going. And going above and beyond is more than our habit, it’s our obsession.

Be curious

Let’s be real: numbers on paper can only tell us so much. Getting to know the people behind them lets us form real relationships to get things done. (Plus, this way is more fun.)

Open positions

Are you a people-first kind of person? Do you believe in aligning community with members with your career goals? Do you want to be part of a dynamic team and one of only 3 credit unions in Colorado selected for Newsweek’s “America’s Best Regional Banks and Credit Unions?” If the answer is YES, checkout the current openings on our team below.

Woman holding purse

Don’t see your position listed?

Reach out anyway; we’re always looking for talented teammates

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