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Line of Credit

Strap down a business line of credit

Create a revolving loan for your business by establishing a line of credit. This will allow you to access funds according to your needs. Like a stove for your restaurant or a tub for pet grooming. Aww! Unsecured business loans are available from $500-$50,000 (whoa) and can even be used as overdraft protection.

UnLOCk these perks

Get flexible repayment terms with a minimum payment of 2% of the outstanding balance or $25, whichever is greater

No annual fee

Revolving line for convenience and ongoing availability of funds for short-term needs up to $50,000

Minimum loan is $500

Save time by accessing your line of credit through business online banking

Amounts over $10,000 include an annual credit review

Not a business? Get a personal line of credit.

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→ Why us? Westerra's community is built on meaningful personal relationships, not transactions. We're here for you with real support for your goals, your money and your financial education. That's the Westerra way.

Get in touch with a Business Banker. We'd love to help!

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