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Business Services


We offer a variety of services at our branches, as well as cash back rewards for our business debit cards.

We're excited just thinking about it.

Real, in-person branch services.

As nice as digital banking is, there's nothing we love more than meeting face-to-face. Visit any Westerra branch for access to our services (or if you just fancy a financial chat).




notary services


shared branch locations

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Get access to shared service centers.

Credit unions like each other. So they share their branches to make it easy for you to access your accounts anywhere.

There’s a lot to love about business checking with Westerra

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See how your business can save

Business Saving
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 Looking for more business services?

Business Borrowing
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The Westerra humble-brag

→ Why us? Westerra's community is built on meaningful personal relationships, not transactions. We're here for you with real support for your goals, your money and your financial education. That's the Westerra way.

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