Bill Pay

Bill Pay

Business members can make online payments with Bill Pay once a Business Online account has been set up. You may create an additional username and password to allow access for employees to make approved payments.

Save time and money by eliminating paper bills, checks and postage stamps. Instead, you can pay all of your bills for free in Online Business Banking. In many cases, you can even view your bills inside online banking. No matter how you like to pay your bills, Westerra can make it worry-free. Go to the Bill Pay widget in online banking to get started.

You can:

  • Receive bills directly in Online Banking.
  • Schedule future bill payments and recurring payments.
  • Track and review your payments and view or print copies of paid checks.

Set up bills as they come in, and Online Banking make sure they are paid on time.
Don't worry about losing a bill in a stack of mail or missing a due date. You can set up a payment as soon as you receive a bill, and money comes out of the account on the due date.

Pay Bills All At Once
If you prefer to pay all of your bills on the same date, you can select a payment date of your choice.

Pay Bills With Westerra's Mobile Business Banking App
You can schedule your bills from Westerra's mobile business banking app. You may set up one-time payments to pre-existing payees, view pending payments, payment history, and bills that are due.

Set Your Bills to Pay Automatically
For bills that are the same amount every month, you can set them to be paid automatically. If you need to adjust payment amounts, you can do so before the bill is paid.

Have Your Bills Delivered Online
Many of your bills can be sent directly to Online Banking. This allows you to view the amount due for various bills inside online banking rather than visiting each biller's website.

Read the Bill Pay FAQ.