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How to Join Westerra’s Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of individuals who are members of the credit union and serve in their roles on behalf of all members. Applications are accepted each October.

One of the unique aspects of credit unions is our cooperative structure—everyone who has an account at the credit union is a member and an owner. There are no stockholders. Profits are returned to members through lower fees, better rates and enhanced services. The Board of Directors is made up of individuals who are members of the credit union. They serve in their roles on behalf of all members. The Board of Directors meet monthly to review the direction of the credit union and to ensure plans and policies are properly implemented. Applications are due each October, with successful candidates officially announced at the Westerra Credit Union Annual Meeting the following spring. At that time, new Board Members will begin their term, which usually runs three-years but can depend on the makeup of the Board at the time. Applications will be reviewed by members of the Nominating Committee. Important Information for 2023 applicants: The current Nominating Committee is comprised of Larry Ottele (Chairman), Bill Abbey, Jim Kullhem and Andy Raicevich (Ex-Officio). This year, there are three vacancies on their Board of Directors. Two vacancies are for three-year terms and one has a term limit that will end in April 2024. THE DATE TO RETURN APPLICATIONS IS OCTOBER 16, 2023. Qualification Criteria:With the increasing complexity of Director obligations, the Nominating Committee is seeking candidates who have expertise in one or more of the following areas: law, marketing, accounting, education, nonprofit board experience, collegiality, community/civic engagement, finance, management, leadership, lobbying (registered), computer science, security, human resource services, lending, investing, and other related areas.The Nominating Committee will use the following criteria in reviewing and evaluating candidates. Candidates must be:

  • A member of Westerra Credit Union in good standing

  • At least 21 years of age.

  • Knowledge of and commitment to the history and culture of Westerra Credit Union

  • Member with an active account at Westerra Credit Union for not less than three years

  • Ability to meet time and participation commitments as a board member

  • Any actual or potential conflicts of interest

  • Skills, background, and expertise that the board needs

How to Apply: To receive an application, please contact Steve Schmidle, Acting President/CEO, at or call 303-321-4209. For more information about Westerra,

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