Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a way to electronically transfer funds from one person or entity to another person or entity.

Incoming Domestic Wire Transfers
Please provide the following instructions to the originating institution:

Receiving Institution:     Westerra Credit Union
                                    3700 E. Alameda Ave.
                                    Denver, CO 80209
                                    ABA (Routing) 302075319

To Credit To:                  Member's Name
                                    Member's Street Address
                                    (P.O. Box is not acceptable)
                                    Member's 13-Digit Account Number
                                    Include any specific instructions

How To Access Your Full 13-Digit Account Number
To access your full 13 digit account number you may call us at 303-321-4209, visit any Westerra branch, or access it through Online Banking. To access your account number using Online Banking, you will need to login, select the account in which you would like funds transfered from or to, then select Account Information. 

When Timing is Key
Domestic and International wire transfers are typically sent the same business day if they are submitted prior to 3 p.m. Otherwise, your wire will be sent the following business day.

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers
Request an outgoing domestic wire transfer. You may also visit one of our branch locations to send a domestic wire. There is a $20 fee for domestic wires.

Outgoing International Wire Transfers
Request an outgoing international wire transfer. You may also visit one of our branch locations to send an international wire. There is a $50 fee for international wires.

You will need to provide a correspondent bank that is compatible with the receiving financial institution. Please contact the receiving financial institution for guidance and information about the specific institutions they work with, as Westerra does not have this information.

What is a SWIFT Code?
The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) Code is a unique identification code that may be required by some banks, broker-dealers and investment managers for the completion of international wire transfers.

Be Aware of Potential Wire Scams

  • Grandparent Scam: Unexpected call where the con artist poses as a relative in distress or someone claims to represent their relative and requests that funds are transferred to them immediately.
  • Lottery/Sweepstakes Scam: When the victim receives a call or a letter stating that they have won a prize and in order to claim the prize, they must first pay taxes. You have not really won the sweepstakes if you are asked to pay to collect your winnings. Foreign lotteries are illegal—you have not won.
  • Craigslist Scam: When the victim sells an item online and is paid with a check for a larger amount, the scammer will request that the remaining funds be wired back to them.
  • Sweetheart Scam: When the scammer sends the victim a large check and requests some of the funds to be wired back to him/her. Usually gaining your trust, making you believe that you are in a relationship.
  • Email Wire Fraud: When a criminal hacks into someone else’s email account, impersonates them, then proceeds to reach out to their contacts and requests funds be wired to the hackers accounts.
  • Rental Scam: When scammers post property rental ads to lure in unsuspecting renters and request a deposit and upfront rent payments via wire transfer.
  • Title Company Scam: When the victim receives communication from someone claiming to be from a title or escrow company with instructions on where to wire funds.


  • Do not wire funds to anyone who overpays for something sold online or sends a check or money order then cancels the deal asking you to cash the check and wire money.
  • Give checks or money orders you receive from a stranger time to clear your accounts before you use the funds. Check with your financial institution for guidelines. If something feels off, it probably is!

Please call us at 303-321-4209 if you have any questions about wires.