Wire Transfers

Wire Transfer Instructions

Wire transfers are a secure way to transfer funds. The following instructions can be used for incoming and outgoing wire transfers.

Incoming Wire Transfers
Please provide the following instructions to the originating institution:

Receiving Institution:     Westerra Credit Union
                                    3700 E. Alameda Ave.
                                    Denver, CO  80209
                                    ABA (Routing) 302075319

To Credit To:                 Member's Name
                                    Member's Street Address
                                    (P.O. Box is not acceptable)
                                    Member's 13-Digit Account Number (See example below) 
                                    Include any specific instructions

How To Determine Your Full 13-Digit Account Number
Additional account number digits are required for automated transactions. Place your base account number, to the right, in the designated section. If your base account number is less than 9 digits, fill the extra spaces to the left with zeros. The digits 10 are added to the left of the base account number, as shown below. Two digits are also added to the right of the base account number to designate the specific share account you would like credited.  

1 0   __ __ __ __ X X X X X    __ __
      Base Account Number  Share ID 
Outgoing Wire Transfers
To request an outgoing wire transfer, please visit any branch location and bring the following information:

  • Name and physical address (PO Boxes not accepted) for both the originator and the recipient
  • Name of the receiving bank (a United States Correspondent Bank is required for international wire transfers)
  • Receiving bank ABA routing number
  • Account number to be credited

Please contact the credit union at 303-321-4209 or 1-800-858-7212 for assistance.