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How to Log in to Online Banking & Bill Pay
Online Banking FAQs
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How to Log In to Online Banking & Bill Pay

To log-in to Online Banking and Bill Pay, enter your Username and Password on any page of the website in the top right corner of the screen. If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link and the system will guide you through the process of gaining a new password. If you have forgotten your Username, please call 303-321-4209 or 1-800-858-7212 to receive a new Username.

If this is your first time using Online Banking and Bill Pay, click the "First time users enroll here" link. Read and "Accept" the Online Banking disclosures and enter your account (member) number, the primary account holder's social security number, date of birth, and new password. Once you are logged in, you will be prompted to choose and answer five security questions and also enroll in the one-time security code feature.

Do you have other specific questions about logging into your Online Banking account? Visit our Login Help page.

To use Free Bill Pay, log in to your Online Banking Account and click the "Bill Pay" tab - then simply follow the enrollment instructions.

Online Banking - Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am having difficulty viewing Online Banking?
Please make sure you are using one of the supported* browsers to view Online Banking:

  • Windows 10 - Edge, Chrome & Firefox 
  • Mac OS X 10.11 - Safari 9.x & Chrome

Current allowed** browsers:

  • Windows 8.1 - Internet Explorer & Firefox
  • Windows 7 - Internet Explorer 11, Chrome & Firefox
  • MAC OS X 10.10 - Safari 8.x & Chrome
  • MAC OS X 10.9 - Safari 7.x & Chrome

*Supported = All functionality of the product has been tested and successfully meets all functional and visual design requirements for screen sizes of 1024x768 and larger.

**Allowed = All major functionality of the product has been tested and successfully meets functional requirements for screen sizes of 1024x768 and larger. Some design and/or functional deficiencies may occur.

PLEASE NOTE: Online Banking cannot be viewed with Internet Explorer 8 (Windows XP).

You will need to download Chrome or Safari or upgrade your system to Windows 7.
(Mobile phone and tablet browsers are not impacted.)

Where can I view my e-statements?
To view your e-statements, simply click on the “Statements” link within the account details screen. You can view the your e-statements within all account types.

How do I send Westerra a message?
You can simply send the message within the specific account detail screen (at the top of the page) or click on the message center (envelope at the top right of the screen.)

We’re here to help!
If you have questions, please call 303-321-4209 or email us at

Bill Pay - Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will my bills be paid?
Payments begin processing depending on how the biller or payee is set up to receive payments. Please be sure to review each biller/payees’ calendar for processing time information. You can schedule payments up to a year in advance, and should you happen to schedule a payment to be received on a weekend or a holiday, it will automatically be adjusted to fall on the previous business day. Paying bills electronically enhances your ability to control your payments, allowing you to better manage your cash flow and avoid late fees - which can hurt your credit record.

When will my payment be debited from my account?
Your account will usually be debited the same day it is paid. In some cases a laser draft must be issued to the biller and the funds will not be collected until the biller/payee cashes the check.

What payment methods can I use to pay my bills?
You can pay your online bills using a checking or money market account.

What is an e-Bill?
An e-Bill, or electronic bill, is like the paper statement you receive each month now in an electronic format for viewing online. You can see all of the same detail in an e-Bill that you can in a paper statement, and more.

Can I view and pay bills that might be in another person's name?
Companies that provide bills through this service will allow you to view any e-Bills you are authorized to see based on the information you provided during the sign-up process. In some cases, these companies may elect to allow you to view bills where another individual's name, such as a spouse, is on the account, as long as you successfully provide the verification information required by biller/payee. Please make sure you are aware of the biller/payees’ policies.

What are the computer system requirements to use the service?
Westerra Bill Pay supports the following browsers:

  • Microsoft IE 6.0 and Higher (XP and Vista)
  • Firefox 2.0 or Higher
  • Safari 2.0 or Higher

Javascript is required for the application to function properly. If not enabled, certain features and functions will not work properly.
Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 VGA or 1024 x 768 VGA
Windows Display Browser Text Size should be medium
Properties Settings should be 96 dpi (Windows default)

Who do I contact if I have questions about my bill pay account?
If you have any questions while you are using Westerra’s Bill Pay Service, click any “Help” link, call us at 303-321-4209 or 1-800-858-7212, or click the “Messages” link to send us your question.

External Transfer - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the External Transfer Option in Online Banking?
External Transfer is an option in Online Banking that enables you to:

  • Transfer money from your account at another financial institution to your Westerra account 
  • Transfer money to your account at another financial institution from your Westerra account
  • Set up repeating transfers to save time
  • Transfer funds between multiple accounts

Which types of Westerra accounts can I transfer to and from?
You can transfer money to and from any Westerra checking, savings or money market account. You can make a payment to an auto loan, home equity loan, line of credit or personal loan. PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to make a credit card payment by transferring funds from another financial institution, please transfer the funds to your checking or savings account first, and then create an automatic transfer within Online Banking to your loan. Payments made to Westerra mortgage loans should be made by using the mortgage tile or link on the Accounts tab in Online Baking. Members with Business, Trust, Conservatorship or Estate accounts should use Popmoney to transfer funds between Westerra and other financial institutions.  

How is this different than Popmoney?
External Transfer allows you to transfer to and from accounts that you own. Popmoney allows you to send money to another person via email or text message.

Does the Primary member on both the Westerra account and the external financial institution account have to match?
Yes, it is critical the Primary member’s first and last name, date of birth, social security number and email address match on both accounts. If they do not match, the verification process will fail.  You can use Popmoney, instead of External Transfer, to transfer funds between your accounts if the above information does not match on both accounts.

What is the fee for this service?
There is no fee to transfer funds into your Westerra account using standard delivery. There is a $2.00 fee to transfer funds out of your Westerra account to your account at another financial institution.  Next day delivery is $9.95.

I do not see the option for next day delivery.  Why?
You will see the option for next day outbound or inbound transfers after meeting the following criteria: 1) Completed at least $500 in transfers ($500 total outbound transfers through standard delivery to qualify for next day outbound transfers; $500 total inbound transfers through standard delivery to qualify for next day inbound transfers); 2) 60 days have passed since meeting the minimum $500 in transfers.  In addition, there must be a minimum of $100 available in checking and no negative items on your account in the last three months.  

How long does it take to process a transfer?
The Withdrawal Date is the date the money is withdrawn from the ‘From’ account. The Deposit Date is the date you can expect the money to be deposited in the ‘To’ account. Transfers may take up to 5 business days for standard delivery and one day for next-day.

What are account transfer limits and how are they set?
The transfer limit is based on a rolling monthly dollar limit ($5,000 for next-day, $10,000 for standard delivery). The amount decreases with each transfer scheduled and resets on a rolling 30-day limit.

What should I do if I transfer money to the wrong account or enter the wrong amount?
If the transfer has not been processed, cancel the transfer. Once the transfer is cancelled, schedule a new transfer with the correct amount or correct account number. If you have a problem with a transfer that has already been processed, please call us at 303-321-4209 or 1-800-858-7212.

What is a repeating transfer?
A repeating transfer is a specified amount of money from one account to another based on a schedule that you set up. For example, you may want to set up a repeating transfer schedule to automatically transfer $500 from your money market account to a checking account at the end of each month.

Is this product accessible through the mobile banking application?
This product is only available through Online Banking at this time.

Will a transfer from my money market or savings account count toward my Reg D limit?

Why is the information on my screen jumbled?
If you are using Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), you will need to upgrade to IE10 to avoid this problem.

What is the latest time I can set up a transfer for the next business day?
Please create a transfer by 6:00 PM MT to process the next day. Higher dollar amounts may not qualify for next day transferring.

We're here to help! If you have any questions about External Transfers, please call us at 303-321-4209, 1-800-858-7212 or

Expedited Payments - Frequently Asked Questions

Bill Pay Expedited Payments – “Pay Now” Feature
Same-Day and Overnight Check Payment Options

What is an expedited payment?
Expedited payments allow you to have bill payments delivered same-day or overnight.

Same-Day Payments - allows payments to be credited on the same day to participating billers electronically.
Overnight Check Payments - sends an overnight payment to any biller that receives paper check payments.

When would I ever need to make an expedited payment?
Expedited payments are ideal any time you have either forgotten to pay a bill or you are surprised by a payment that you need to make quickly. Expedited payments provide an avenue to make that happen without incurring a sizeable late fee or damaging your credit rating.  

Is there a cost associated with an expedited payment?
Yes, a convenience fee is associated with both types of expedited payments:  
Same-Day Payment                        $9.95
Overnight Check Payment              $14.95  

I have made an expedited payment to this payee before, why can't I do that now?
The ability to make an expedited payment depends on the payee and time of day.  

What account is the fee deducted from?
The fee will be debited from the funding account the payment was made from. You will see a separate transaction for the fee.

Where can I find an historical record of my expedited payment?
Each payment and fee is listed on the payee's payment history.

Can I edit or cancel an expedited payment after it has been submitted?
No, processing of your payment begins immediately after you click the button to submit your payment on the preview page.  

How do I schedule a Same-Day Payment?
The “Pay Today” link is present below the date field. The Same-Day Payment fee will be shown on the Review Payments, Confirmation and Bill History (details) pages.

CardNav - Frequently Asked Questions

What is CardNav?
The CardNav technology developed by CO-OP allows cardholders superior control, security, and financial visibility via their mobile phones. Cardholders can manage their cards on-the-go with intuitive mobile apps available in iOS and Android platforms. They can control when and where their cards can be used as well as view and act on instant alerts when transactions are processed, perform card management functions such as turning the card on/off, and perform basic mobile banking functions such as view balances and transactions, transfers funds between accounts linked to a card, and search for nearby ATMs.

How does CardNav work?
CardNav enables a cardholder to define controls for card usage and to define preferences for alerts to be received when transactions using the enrolled card are made or attempted.

Is CardNav secure?
Yes, CardNav is secure and uses the following safeguards:

  • The mobile application does not store any protected cardholder data (such as debit or credit card numbers, PIN, CVV/CVV2, etc.)
  • It only identifies a payment card using commonly used references such as the last four digits of the card number and the cardholder name.
  • The user provides login credentials and passes them to the authentication server without storing any passwords internally.
  • There is a passcode-based feature for applications lock/unlock, where the passcode is stored on the mobile device. Unauthorized attempts into the application are prevented by locking the application after a fixed number of invalid attempts, and forcing the user to provide their login credentials for subsequent app usage.
  • In case of lost mobile devices, the mobile app can be remotely deactivated, thereby stopping any unauthorized access register.

How does CardNav work with existing fraud programs?
CardNav does not replace our real-time fraud monitoring program. Rather, it provides an extra layer of security by notifying the user of any potentially suspicious transactions. We will continue monitoring transactions according to member’s spending norms and fraud trends.

What should I do if I receive a CardNav transaction alert for a transaction that I did not make?
Contact the credit union immediately at 303-321-4209 or 1-800-858-7212. We can research the transaction and verify the transaction. Sometimes merchants will process transaction under a parent company and you will not recognize the transaction as legitimate. If the alert comes during credit union’s non-office hours, turn your card off until we can verity the transaction for you. You can turn your card on for a small window to complete transactions as you need and turn it off as soon as your transaction is complete to safeguard further non-authorized transactions.

Can the App be controlled from a desktop or laptop computer?
No, this is a mobile app and is controlled by a smartphone or tablet.

Will CardNav work outside the U.S.?
Yes. If your phone works, the app will work.

Can transactions be conducted in foreign currencies?
Yes. Transaction amounts are displayed in issuer currency, but transactions may be initiated and authorized in any currency.

Does location functionality depend on phone signal? As an example, I travel to an area of Colorado where my phone has no signal. If set to “My Location” would this impact use of my card?
An alert is triggered or a control is initiated by in-store transactions that occur outside of the area where your primary mobile device is located. The mobile device must have location services (GPS) enabled with permission to use the current location. If your phone is turned off, without cellular service, or does not provide GPS location coordinates it will use the last saved GPS location. However, if this situation occurs for more than eight hours, CardNav temporarily ignores the My Location policies. Transactions would not trigger alerts or control denials based on My Location preferences during this time; however an alert would be generated informing the cardholder that a transaction was conducted.

Is there an ATM locator on the App?
Yes. You will be able to search for “All” ATMs via a Google search in the app.

What if my card is turned off and can’t get it turned back on using the App?
You should always be able to turn your card back on using the app, unless they have lost your phone. In that case, we can turn on the card for you.

How long can I leave my card “off”?
You can turn your card off, leave it off as long as you want to, and only turn it back on when you want to perform transactions.

If I have two credit union accounts and a debit card with each, can I manage the different cards from the same CardNav account?
A separate CardNav account would be required for each card that belongs to a different account.

How do I get started?
Simply download the CardNav App onto your smartphone from the App Store (IOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Then, enroll into the system by presenting your card credentials and going through additional user-verification checks. You will also be prompted to create a new four-digit passcode and/or a touch ID option. Once enrolled, you can specify controls and alerts.