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Smart Money Checking makes all your money count

6.00% back on a checking account? Yup. You read that right.

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What even is a credit union?

Though we are a lot like a bank, there are several ways we differ. One, there are no stockholders. That means everyone who has an account with us is a member and an owner. And two, all your deposits and funds stay local and contribute to the Colorado economy, while being Federally Insured by NCUA.

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Join us for a Virtual Seminar about Home Buying!

Achieve wealth through homeownership. Our team of experts is offering a free Virtual Homeownership Series.

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Make money on 
your money with a CD

Think of a certificate of deposit like savings on steroids. You'll earn even more money on your account balance with our promotional rates. There's only a $500 minimum deposit, and dividends are paid monthly.

Money Market Select up to 4.00% APY

Introducing the new Westerra Money Market Select account.

Just 10 swipes per month on your Westerra debit or credit card can earn you up to 4.00% APY. It’s like getting paid to do the daily spending you’re already doing.

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Ready to join the Westerra Credit Union community?

Open a credit union account in 4 minutes and 59 seconds (we timed it).

How to Apply for a Membership
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Ranked By Newsweek as One of the Best

Thanks for helping us become one of Newsweek’s “America’s Best Regional Banks and Credit Unions” in 2024! Westerra is one of five Colorado-based financial institutions selected for this prestigious list and only one of 3 credit unions selected.

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