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Douglas County Schools

Eight Denver teachers started a credit union more than 85 years ago, not for profit, but for the people - to help save for what’s important to them. Today, that credit union is Westerra — and that focus on education continues.

As your school district credit union,

Westerra is committed to supporting activities to benefit students:

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Financial Awareness and Fundraising

Westerra's fundraising program helps school sports and activities raise money to cover expenses while helping students and families learn about saving money and making smart financial choices. Westerra will donate $52.80 to your school/organization for each new service opened at Westerra. Click here for fundraising program information. For more information, please call 303-321-4209 or email us at

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School Grant Program

The Westerra Credit Union School Grant Program strives to enhance students’ learning experiences by providing for items such as art supplies, sports fees and equipment, after school programs, workbooks or other programs your school determines most beneficial. Congratulations to the Spring 2021 Grant Recipients!

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Classroom Presentations

If you are a teacher interested in having a Westerra representative come and talk to your classroom about checking, savings, budgeting or many other topics, please contact us for more information at