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School Grant Program

Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on our schools, Westerra made a second wave of school grants available for the 2021 school year. The Westerra Credit Union School Grant Program strives to enhance students’ learning experiences by providing items such as art supplies, sports fees and equipment, after school programs, workbooks or other programs your school determines most beneficial.  


All schools in Denver Public SchoolsDouglas County SchoolsJeffco Public SchoolsMapleton Public Schools or other districts may apply. Please limit to one request per school.

Grant Size

Grants are available up to $500 and will be issued to schools or departments (not individuals).

How to Apply

The application window closed October 8, 2021. In the future, the Grant Request Form will be available on this page.

Application Deadline

The application deadline was Friday, October 8. Grant checks will be ready for distribution in late October. 

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Past Recipients

View our list of past recipients.

If you are in need of funds now,

please check out our $52.80 Fundraising Program that runs year-round! 

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