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Auto Lending

Honk if you love great rates and affordable payments

You’ve got places to go, people to see and inventory to move. We’ve got the flexibility and competitive rates to help you do it. Westerra business auto loans can help you buy new or used vehicles, all at your speed.

Fixed rates and payments

No speed traps here. Your payment and interest rate won’t change.


Maximum loan to value ratio, aka LTV. 

Up to 84 months

Keep your payments affordable with flexible loan terms up to 84 months. (That’s seven years.)

No origination fees. No penalties.

Save money. Then save money again, with no prepayment penalty. 

Questions about vehicle lending

Not a business? Get a personal auto loan.

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The Westerra humble-brag

→ Why us? Westerra's community is built on meaningful personal relationships, not transactions. We're here for you with real support for your goals, your money and your financial education. That's the Westerra way.

Ready to get your business on the road? Get in touch with a Business Banker to apply.