Documents to Bring When Opening Your Account

To open your business account, please stop by any branch location or schedule an appointment.  Please bring the required documents listed below based upon the type of business:

Limited Liability Company
      Articles of Organization
      IRS Letter 147C or Form SS-4
      Operating Agreement (if requested)

      Articles of Incorporation
      IRS Letter 147C or Form SS-4
      Bylaws/Meeting Minutes (if requested)

Non-Profit Organization
If Organized as an Association:
      Articles of Association or Statement of Appointing an Agent
If Organized as a Corporation:
      Articles of Incorporation for Nonprofit Corporation
For Both Types:
      IRS Letter 147C or Form SS-4

      Statement of Trade Name*
      IRS Letter 147C or Form SS-4*
           *if applicable

Business or School Club or Informal Non-Profit Account
      A letter from the principal of the school or business owner(s) giving permission to use the TIN of the business or school
     Form SS-4 (TIN- for Banking Purposes)

If you have questions, please contact us at 303-321-4209 or If you would like a representative to contact you, please submit a request.