What Paperwork to Collect When Purchasing or Refinancing a Home

What Paperwork to Collect When Purchasing or Refinancing a Home

Below is a list of documents you will need when purchasing or refinancing a home. To help the process run smoothly, we recommend you provide all required paperwork in a timely manner.

  1. Two most recent pay stubs covering a 30-day period – must include year-to-date earnings (be sure the entire page is legible and nothing has been cut off in the margins).
  2. Two years most recent W2s and/or 1099’s for each person listed on the loan application (K-1 tax forms if applicable).
    • If self-employed, two years most recent IRS 1040 and/or Business Tax Returns, providing all tax schedules
  3. Two years most recent tax returns, personal and/or business (all tax schedules/pages are required).
  4. Two months most recent bank/asset statements (checking, saving, money market, retirement, etc.) All pages, even if they are blank, are required. Please note, large deposits will need to be explained and documented.
  5. If applicable - Bankruptcy discharge papers and all bankruptcy schedules
  6. If applicable - Divorce decree and Complete Separation Agreement (all pages including schedules)
  7. Name and contact information of the insurance agent you want to use for your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you do not have a trusted insurance agent, please let us know and we will refer you to a reputable insurance provider.
  8. If applicable - A current mortgage statement
  9. Additional documentation may be required depending on your circumstances

NOTE: Documentation will expire after 120 days and updated information will be required.

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