It's Important to Us to Support What's Important to You

If you volunteer for a special cause, or have students involved in school sports/activities, Westerra Credit Union's $52.80 Fundraising Program can provide an easy way to help raise money for what’s important to you. Working together, we can make a difference for our community:

  • Westerra will donate $52.80 to your non-profit or school sport/activity for every new account opened at the credit union—$52.80 for every auto loan, mortgage, credit card, checking, Certificate of Deposit or Money Market Account—and for every youth savings, CD or checking account, too.
  • This fundraising program is easy to implement and can bring sizable donations to your group—Westerra personalizes a flyer for your group that you can distribute by email, print or social media.
  • Your group receives a check quarterly for qualified accounts—We do all the tracking and donate $52.80 for every account opened when people mention your group (in a branch or online using a promo code). It’s our way of supporting your cause and thanking you for referring new members.
  • How to get started - Click here to learn more or to enroll your group. If you have questions, please call 303-329-4518 or email

Thanks for supporting our community and for helping spread the word about the great value Westerra provides to members—and our community.

Everyone in the 7-county Denver metro area can open an account.
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