Denver Public Schools

Denver Public Schools

Eight Denver Public Schools teachers started our credit union in 1934--pooling their funds to provide a safe place to save and borrow for DPS employees. Its purpose was to put the members first when offering financial services and treat them as valued owners. Today, Westerra Credit Union remains focused on that same mission and purpose--and our focus on education continues.

As your school district credit union, Westerra is committed to supporting activities to benefit students:

Financial Awareness and Fundraising
Westerra's fundraising program helps school sports and activities raise money to cover expenses while helping students and families learn about saving money and making smart financial choices. Westerra will donate $52.80 to your school/organization for each new service opened at Westerra. Click here for fundraising program information. For more information, please call 303-321-4209 or e-mail

School Grant Program
The Westerra Credit Union School Grant Program strives to enhance students’ learning experiences by providing for items such as art supplies, sports fees and equipment, after school programs, workbooks or other programs your school determines most beneficial.  Learn more about Westerra's School Grant Program.  Congratulations to the Spring 2021 Denver Public Schools Grant Recipients!

Classroom Presentations
If you are a teacher interested in having a Westerra representative come and talk to your classroom about checking, savings, budgeting or many other topics, please contact us for more information at

As the credit union started by DPS teachers more than 85 years ago, Westerra is focused on helping DPS employees and families achieve financial success. With the upcoming payroll transition, we can help ensure the change from one paycheck to two paychecks each month goes smoothly. 

  • If you are a Westerra member and would like assistance in reviewing and adjusting the dates set for automated payments to Westerra loans or other periodic payments between Westerra accounts, please call 303-321-4209 or stop by any Westerra branch.
  • If you would like to learn more about Westerra, your school district credit union, schedule a Free Financial Checkup to discover ways you can save money by using Westerra.  Plus, you get a free annual State or National Parks Pass when you open any new account!  Learn more.