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Add your card. Pay with your phone.

Add your card to Digital Wallet to make secure payments from your phone or device.

Digital Wallet

A safer, more helpful way to pay in-store, online and in-app. Add your Westerra card to Digital Wallet to always have a convenient, secure way to pay.

Same secure payments.

You’ll have the same protection and benefits you always get with Westerra cards when using a Digital Wallet. You can also use your digital wallet to pay bills securely.

Same Bonus Points.

Your Digital Wallet is connected to your Westerra card and will still receive the same rewards and benefits from purchases.

No physical card.

Forgot your wallet? No problem. You’ll always have a backup method to pay in a moment of panic at the register.

How do I add Westerra cards to my Digital Wallet?

Choose between Apple®, Google™ or Samsung Pay™, and click the link below for step-by-step instructions on how to add your Westerra card.

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Everyday Money (and earning)

A checking account for the way you live (and spend) today. No monthly fees. No minimum balance required. Plus a debit card that helps you earn rewards. Checks optional.

 Updates, alerts, and orders

Account services
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Digital Banking. Whenever, wherever.

Online services
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Come on in. We'd love to see you.

Branch services
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