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6 Advantages of Westerra Debit Cards | Westerra Credit Union

Debit cards provide a convenient way to make purchases, but some are better than others. Discover the benefits of shopping with a Westerra debit card in our latest blog.

Six Advantages of Westerra Debit Cards

Debit cards serve as the perfect bridge between cash and credit cards, offering the convenience of card payments without the risk of overspending. However, some cards come with more perks than others. Below, we'll explore what makes Westerra's debit cards stand out from the rest. Keep reading to discover the top Six advantages of shopping with a Westerra debit card.

Tools to Manage Your Money

Westerra empowers you with a range of tools to manage your account efficiently. We understand that managing your finances goes beyond just monitoring balances and denying transactions. Westerra's commitment to making your financial experience hassle-free extends to a robust set of features designed to give you maximum control. You can link your checking and savings accounts, enabling automatic transfers as needed for added peace of mind. This feature isn't just limited to standard savings accounts; you can link money market or other savings accounts for a more comprehensive financial safety net. We also offer a personal line of credit, which allows you to set up automatic fund transfers when required, and the application process is straightforward, with options to apply online, in person at one of our branches, or via a phone call to 303-321-4209.

Our comprehensive suite of tools doesn't stop there. You can set up automatic cash advances from your Westerra credit card, up to the credit limit, for a nominal 2% cash advance fee, making it a cost-effective way to manage unexpected expenses. For real-time financial updates, our Digital Banking alerts keep you informed about high or low balances and transactions exceeding specified amounts. Additionally, the CardNav App offers instant transaction alerts and the ability to set spending limits and toggle your card on or off as needed.

Open an Account Quickly

Opening an Everyday Money account with Westerra is a breeze, taking less than five minutes of your time. Gone are the days of lengthy paperwork and tedious processes. With Westerra's streamlined online account setup, you can join our community of savvy savers and responsible spenders in just a few clicks.

Get Paid Early

Imagine having the financial freedom to get a head start on your financial goals or enjoy that weekend getaway a little earlier. With Westerra Debit Cards, you can do just that. If you're eager to access your hard-earned money sooner, Westerra has you covered. With direct deposit, you can get paid up to two days early, so you can say goodbye to waiting in suspense for payday.

Earn Rewards Points

In a world where most debit cards merely serve as transaction tools, Westerra Debit Cards stand out as a financial hack that allows you to reap the benefits of your everyday spending. With a Westerra debit card, you not only enjoy the convenience of secure payments but also unlock a variety of rewards. This distinctive feature sets Westerra apart from the crowd, as most other debit cards miss out on the rewards game entirely.

For every $3 you spend with your Westerra card, you earn 1 reward point, and these rewards accumulate across all debit card holders on the same membership. This means that the more you use your Westerra debit card, the more rewards you can rack up. What makes it even better is that Westerra rewards are versatile, giving you the freedom to choose how you'd like to redeem them. Whether it's cash back, travel, gift cards, or merchandise, you can access and utilize your rewards with ease through Westerra's online banking platform.

Shop Securely

Debit card security is paramount in today's digital age, and Westerra takes it to heart by taking steps to safeguard your financial well-being. In a world where cyber threats are ever-evolving, Westerra ensures that you remain in the driver's seat of your account security. With Westerra's commitment to keeping your debit cards secure, you can receive instant notifications on your phone every time a transaction is made on your account, offering real-time insight into your financial activity. Moreover, the ability to instantly turn your debit cards on or off through our free app, available for both iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play), gives you control over your card's accessibility.


Westerra debit cards offer you the ease of swift, contactless payments, eliminating the need to carry cash or deal with the complexities of credit cards. Whether you're grabbing a coffee on the go or making a significant purchase, the convenience of Westerra Debit Cards ensures that your transactions are smooth and hassle-free. No more fumbling for change or worrying about overspending – with Westerra, the power of modern banking convenience is right at your fingertips.

“Contactless” uses an identification technology called “near-field communication (NFC)” processes the transaction, connecting with the computer chip in the Westerra card that has a specific frequency antenna to communicate with the NFC-enabled terminal. The computer chip in the card then sends a one-time signal with a unique code for that specific transaction. Since these codes change each time the card is used, the chip and Tap2Pay transactions cannot be counterfeited. This is another added level of security Westerra is delighted to offer our members!

New designs are coming

Starting May 2024, all members who have a consumer or business Westerra debit and/or credit card will receive a newly designed card featuring this Contactless technology. Members will receive an email notifying them their new card is on its way. This email will include the last four digits of your current card number (card numbers will not change due to this re-issue). You can expect your cards to arrive separately with staggered delivery timeframes due to cards being issued based on expiration dates. Be sure to check out the activation information, next steps, and additional information included with your card mailer!

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