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Westerra now offers energy loans through the RENU Loan Program, which allows for the financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy home improvements, in partnership with the Colorado Energy Office

If you are looking to fund a solar panel project or improve the overall energy efficiency of your home, Westerra's RENU Energy Loan can help. 

  • Low, fixed interest rates
  • No money down; finance up to 100% of the cost of the project
  • Loan terms up to 15 years (or 20 years for solar PV)
  • No prepayment penalties

What can you finance?

  • Solar PV and solar thermal
  • Space heating and cooling
  • Insulation and air sealing
  • Water heating
  • Windows and doors

For more information about the Colorado RENU Loan statewide residential loan program, and to see the RENU Authorized Contractor list, visit the Colorado Energy Office website.

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