Member Stories


Your Passion
I am a founding partner of Denver Green School, where students learn the value of sustainable living. I am proud to work in a community that supports our school's mission. Over the years, Westerra has helped our family improve our home, continue my education, and pay for travel. I am grateful to be part of such a solid institution!

Your Story
When I took a job in Denver Public Schools 19 years ago, I immediately opened an account with Westerra (then known as the Denver Public Schools Employees Credit Union). I had had some very negative experiences with banks in the past, and I was ready to put my meager earnings with an institution that wouldn't profit from me or my misfortune. I have never once regretted this decision. In fact, I've directed many new teachers and even friends to Westerra over the years. Everyone agrees: it's a great way to do your banking! Westerra has provided loans, credit, multiple accounts, and much more over the years. I find the customer service outstanding, and I've never been surprised by hidden fees or penalties. Westerra always does exactly what I expect my bank to do. And after all these years, I'm still tickled pink that the fat cats don't get fatter on my money!

What do you value most about Westerra?
There are so many reasons to love banking at Westerra! First, I value keeping my money local as much as I possibly can. Westerra is part of my community, and it feels great to be a member. Second, I appreciate the outstanding customer service. All Westerra employees are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Whether applying for a loan or just dropping off a check, I can count on excellent service. It means a lot to me.