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Ann - Member since 1968

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As a new teacher in the fall of 1968, I ran out of money before the first paycheck arrived. My mentor teacher told me about a place that teachers could get a loan, so I found the Denver Public Schools Credit Union to ask for money to last me the rest of the month. The loan officer asked me how much I needed, and I gave the thoughtful answer of $10.00. She explained that the smallest amount to be loaned was $50.00. I answered that I didn't need that much money! So she loaned me the $50.00, I paid her back $40.00 immediately, and that led to 40 years of car loans, savings accounts, CDs, and all my other banking needs. After I retired, I traveled the world for 6 years with just my Westerra Credit and Debit Card.

What do you value most about Westerra?
I have continued to bank with this institution because of friendly service, great rates, and knowledgeable people that really care about me! Thank you, here's to another 80 years!