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As a proud member of Westerra Credit Union I submit my entry in celebration of our 75th anniversary. I am 86 years old and that takes me back to the beginning days of our credit union, then called the Denver Public Schools Employees' Credit Union. No wonder we welcomed the name change to Westerra Credit Union! At that time our credit union was located in several, very crowded rooms at a former location. Our president now is Alan Peppers. Our first [previous] president was Henry Weibler, who recognized us and called us by name when we came in the door. That doesn?t happen nowadays and that tells you something about the remarkable growth of our credit union. My husband and I applied, with Henry, for a loan to build our first home, and I very proudly started my children, and later on, my grand children with their very first savings accounts at the credit union. I love the convenience afforded me by Westerra where by I can see my whole, current financial world right in front of me, on my computer. It rewards me with a print out of my statements, a view of my monetary assets, and a list of each purchase made with my Visa card, which was obtained through the credit union. My sterling silver and important papers are stored in my safe deposit box within her doors. My financial operations have been more than simplified by this wonderful creation: Westerra Credit Union. Through this current financial crisis, I have advised my children of the safety of their money and their credit union. I have always known of its dependability, having read of the high standards and unmatched reputation amongst credit union and other banking institutions. Westerra has been a stable factor throughout my entire life even at times when I did not live in Denver or Colorado. As members, we cannot ask for better or more service than we have at Westerra Credit Union. LONG LIVE WESTERRA CREDIT UNION!