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Westerra Credit Union goes back a long ways. My credit union history goes back to 1960, when I went to work for Safeway Stores, Inc. I even remember they had a branch office downtown at that time. My father also had been with the credit union for many years prior to 1960 as a produce manager for Safeway. Growing up, I can recall him financing many a car through the credit union. He would just get one car paid for and the next thing we knew he would be driving home in another new one. My mother was not very happy with him at these times for buying a new car. I seem to have followed in his footsteps by buying new cars with the credit union. Now that I am retired and older I have slowed up on this practice, but I may still buy a new car or two through the credit union in the future. I now use the credit union for financial security. I have a checking account, savings account, and three CDs. I am thankful for having the credit union all these years, and the many friends associated with it.