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Family, church, gardening, music and sewing

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I've been a member of Westerra Credit Union since 1975, when it was then Lowry Federal Credit Union. My father, Don Nate, who worked at Lowry Air Force Base was a member of the Credit Union then, and he has now been a member for 51 years. When I joined the Credit Union, it was because I wanted to buy my first car, a brand new 1974 Powder Blue Volkswagen Bug. I asked my father to help me get a loan, and he recommended that I join his credit union. I did, and I got my first car loan worth $2,300. I had saved $500 for two years, while making $1.65 an hour. I remember that my car payments were $38.50 per month. I made double payments so I could pay off the loan faster. I loved that car and kept it for 30 years. I have always trusted my credit union, whether it was called Lowry, Gateway, or now Westerra. My husband became a member over 30 years ago because his father was an instructor at Lowry AFB and was a member then. Since then, my husband and I have financed many vehicles, including our new Lexus through our Westerra Credit Union.

How Westerra Works for You

I am now the Trustee of my father's Irrevocable Trust, which is on deposit at Westerra, and I continue to use my credit union for my personal accounts. The people at Westerra are always kind, and I can depend on them at any time, in person or on the phone. They are always professional.