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Your Passion

My passion is learning about and interacting with different cultures. I am a teacher and work with students and families representing a multitude of cultures. Traveling to different countries and getting into the heart of a culture is something I am passi

Your Story

I joined Westerra Credit Union as a recent college graduate who had just moved to Colorado. I secured my first full time job as a teacher and although I had little to invest at that time, I was able to open up a savings account and a C.D. to begin to develop the financial security I needed. I chose Westerra because they offered good rates and it was easy and convenient for me to manage my accounts. In addition, the different investment options were explained to me clearly in a way that I was able to understand, which was important for me since I was new to managing my own finances. Since joining Westerra, I have been able to buy a house, travel, and develop the financial security I need for my future and in case of an emergency.

How Westerra Works for You

I find that the online banking that Westerra offers is easy to navigate and very convenient. I am always able to easily find the answers to my questions online. I believe that Westerra offers good rates for C.D.'s and money market savings accounts. In addition, special rates are posted online which I have been glad to take advantage of.