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We are late bloomers when it comes to career, school, and finances. There was a time when neither one of us had a credit history and with that we couldn't qualify for any loans. How to get a job or apply for student loan? How to better ones self when everybody denies you? These were rough times at the beginning of a marriage. However, with patience and persistence things are looking up for us. Although we are still not were we want to be, the end of the tunnel is visible. Everything takes time when you want to do it right. Financial independence and security as well as following our dreams are very important to us. It feels great to be in a better place/situation.

How Westerra Works for You

We just bought our new car and Westerra has allowed us to not only get a great interest rate but to also stay within our budget. Now the next step is to open up an account so that Westerra can continue to help us with our financial independence and security.