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Dear Westerra, I feel overjoyed to express my feelings of how Westerra has worked for me in the present and past years as a teacher in the public and private school system. Being a member of Westerra I was able to provide the necessary materials to motivate and stimulate my students to a higher level of learning. Whenever I enter a Westerra office the personnel is eager to assist me and help me handle any matters or transactions. I also feel that all of my personal and confidential information is handled with my best interest in mind. One of my greatest adventures with Westerra was from 1993 to 2000. Westerra made it possible for me to take students to Mesa Verde National Park (seven years). These adventures were a once in a lifetime experience to explore one of The Seven Wonders of the World. Many of the students were from low income and single parent families that would have never had the opportunity to make this trip.

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I feel Westerra has been available to teachers, parents, and the community. Thank you for making my journey as an educator a pleasant one!