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My husband and I have been members of Westerra for several years. When entering any of your locations, we are quickly recognized and immediately helped. You feel like you are a family member. Your Credit Union letter always reminds us about items that members should be aware of, for example, loss of your identity. It is less costly to spend time protecting your identity than to pay for correcting and locating what has been stolen. Our credit union always has other important suggestions that are made known to us. Our credit union recognizes borrowers equal to savers. Currently, we are savers but understand what borrowers' needs are. We must remember, as we should, that borrowers as well as savers are members, when possible such as to provide a lower borrowing rate. There are rules set forth by the state that our credit union must follow. We have made a facial analysis, not an audit, of the statements and it appears that our credit union follows them, for example the capital position. Another important factor is the loan loss percent, which is favorable compared to others. We feel proud of our credit union as it shows well - like it were our own operated company.