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Cooking, baking, and traveling.

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Three years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. As part of my personal goal for recovery, I would get out of the house daily. One of my rituals was to go to a coffee shop very near the Lakewood Branch location. I found myself going to the credit union much more often than usual sometimes using that as an excuse to get out, get some money, and have a cup of coffee. The credit union employees were friendly, always smiled, and took the extra time just to say a few words or ask how my day was going. My cancer treatments ended and to this day, I do not think anyone at the credit union even knew that I had cancer. I later realized how that experience of going to the credit union and having the employees reach out to their members, touched my heart. I have since realized the importance of how employees make or break a company. Westerra Credit Union should be proud of their employees and their exemplary member service emphasized by a personal touch.

How Westerra Works for You

In being a member of the credit union for over twenty years, I have realized the value and importance of people that work at the credit union. Over the years, the credit union has retained some of the most friendly, helpful and kind people I have met. The employees of your credit union always have a smile on their face. No matter what the problem is, they listen and are attentive to help solve the situation.