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Member PictureBrenda

Your Passion

My passion is people caring about people. I want my kids to make others a priority and to focus their lives on caring for those around them. I hope our family can make a difference in the lives around us.

Your Story

I've seen Westerra Credit Union care for those it serves. I had a piece of mail stolen from my mail box and later found a large amount on my statement for a check I'd never written. I called Westerra and they determined that a check I'd placed in my mailbox had been stolen and altered, with a new amount written to a retailer I'd not visited. Westerra refunded the money to my account and treated me with utmost respect and trust. Thank you, Westerra, for caring about your people!

How Westerra Works for You

Westerra works for me by valuing me and my funds. I know I'll always get prompt, helpful, quality service whenever I need it. Westerra cares about its people and shows it daily, whether over the phone, in the branch offices, or even through the computer. Thank you for consistently serving me well in an age where good customer service is hard to come by!