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I opened an account with Westerra over a year ago. They approved a loan on a car I was trying to buy. I am glad they did. This was mainly because no other bank or credit union would give me a loan. I was ecstatic when I heard I was approved at Westerra. I have received superb service since then, no matter what circumstance. When I thought I was asking a stupid question, they assured me it wasn't. I felt I was being treated with respect no matter what the situation. Westerra also offered me a credit card account. And along with the credit card came a gift card for Starbucks coffee. I was pleased and surprised by this. It made me feel like a welcome, and brand new member to an old neighborhood. Very nice. After a year had gone by, I thought I would try my luck in negotiating a lower rate for my car loan. This was handled efficiently and professionally. The paperwork was not complicated, and it did not take long to receive a positive answer, which made me think even higher of the credit union. Plus, it made me think what other business I could do with Westerra!