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I have a strong passion for helping others. I love to enjoy different cultures, travel, spread God's love, and especially have fun!!

Your Story

I moved to Denver from Kansas City, KS in 2011. I worked at a Credit Union in Kansas, so I knew a CU was where I wanted to do my banking. I graduated nursing school in 2011 and moved straight to Denver; loving every minute of it. Denver is a very progressive city with a lot of culture and entertainment to offer it's residents! Most recently, however, I moved to Palisade, CO on the Western Slope! This has been quite a transition, but after the hustle and bustle of Denver, I have greatly welcomed the quiet, rolling hills of Palisade, the livestock, and definitely the beautiful landscape that surrounds this area.

How Westerra Works for You

I have always felt very welcome when dealing with any associate at Westerra. In the numerous times I have come into the lobby, I have had great conversations with all the employees, learning a little about their lives each time. This is a trait that makes members feel they are a part of something rather than just a passer-through. I have always appreciated the speediness of the transactions and thorough explanations. The associates are always fair, and when I was coming in to close my account because I was moving, one so kindly showed me that Westerra is part of the Share-branching network! This absolutely made my day because closing my accounts and switching EVERYTHING in my life to another system was the last thing I wanted to do while moving. Even out in Palisade, the associates have been wonderful. Thank you, Westerra for making my move an easy transition!