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I started teaching in the Denver Public Schools in September of 1949, which is also the time I joined The Denver Public Schools Credit union. This means that I have only been a member 65 out of the 80 years, I believe that is about 81% of the life of the Credit Union. In the summer of 1958 my wife, Ruth, and I took upon ourselves the project of building a new home for ourselves on a two and one half acre piece of farm land we had purchased in rural Jefferson County. This was the time of President Eisenhower's recession. He had made some funds available through the "Farmer's Home Administration" for small part time farmers to build homes on their farm land. We were fortunate enough to be awarded one of these loans and planned to start building as soon as school was out in the summer. However, the FHA had found a problem and told us not to spend any money. This delay continued until July 14th when they said we could spend again. The picture is the "back hoe" used to start digging our basement on July 15th! We worked hard and charged for all the things we were using during the last half of July. When August came we needed to pay the bills. I went to the Credit Union and showed them the letter from the FHA which told of the loan they awarded to us. The Credit Union lent me enough money to pay off our bills. With the confidence of money from the Credit Union we continued spending money and building at great speed, but August was quickly ending and the FHA check was yet to arrive. I went back to the Credit Union and was abole to borrow enough money to pay our bills. We felt like we had now been saved twice by the Credit Union and quickly went back to work and of course were again buying on credit. Then just before September arrived the FHA check came and we were able to pay those August bills and pay back those dollars which the Credit Union had saved our lives with by lending to us so graciously. Ruth and I lived in our amazing home and practiced being farmers for forty-five years. Neither the home nor the farm were worn out, but we were so we again became city dwellers with fond memories of being farmers and members of an amazing Credit Union.