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Your Passion

I'm a medical anthropologist- I work with people that are sick with HIV and Tuberculosis (TB) in South Africa in an attempt to better understand barriers to accessing their treatment and stigma they may experience. I also lecture at the University of Cape Town to medical students and anthropology students alike. I'm fortunate to help shape the future doctors of South Africa, and help voice concerns of those who are struggling through difficult times- both in an attempt to try to make a better health care system here in South Africa.

Your Story

I was born and raised in Denver; hands down the best city in the USA! My parents opened a DPS Credit Union account for me so long ago I can hardly remember the exact year. My grandparents also banked there and it eventually morphed into Westerra. Later, (over a decade ago) I went travelling and eventually made Cape Town my home. I did my post graduate work, my MA and just completed my PhD. Although I live in South Africa, I love Denver and will always call it home.

How Westerra Works for You

Living abroad has its challenges and Westerra Banking has always made my online banking experience very positive. The customer service is exceptional and your representatives are always so friendly- even when our Skype connection isn't the best. When I explain I live in South Africa, the initial banking inquiry quickly turns into a full blown conversation. Your representatives make your members feel like they are valued, considered and above all else, a priority (even from thousands of miles away, and across an ocean- or two). Thanks Westerra!