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I am committed to raising my family, and Westerra helps me to keep our financial future secure.

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When I bought my first used car in 1994, I was not too familiar with the process. The dealer told me I could get low interest financing. After I'd had the car for several days, I got a call that the only financing they could find for me was 21% interest. I was stuck. I felt cheated. 6 months later, I got a call from Westerra (DPSECU), and he said that he noticed I had a car loan with a very steep interest rate. He qualified me and said he could offer me a loan at a very low interest rate, lower my payments and save me a lot of money. By his proactive help, I was saved from a very bad loan and all my future cars were purchased with loans from Westerra.

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Customer service has always been top notch! I love being valued as a member.